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Recent copies of the Acoustic Neuroma of NJ Newsletter are posted here by Dave Belonger, the online editor of this website. Dave is always happy to receive comments and suggestions by email.

ANA/NJ Newsletter
Index of Major Articles, March 2004 forward

Mar 2004--- Whole-body CT Scanning
June 2004-- AN and Fatigue, Part 1-3
Sept 2004-- Surgery vs Wait-and-Watch
Jan 2005--- AN and Fatigue, Part 4
May 2005--- Scanning: CT vs MRI
Sept 2005-- AN Sizes & Symptoms, Part 1
Jan 2006--- AN Sizes & Symptoms, Part 2
Apr 2006--- The Headache Problem Revisited
Oct 2006--- Hybrid Cochlear Implants
Jan 2007--- The Incidence of Acoustic Neuroma
Sept 2007-- AN & Memory Problems, Part 1
Apr 2008--- AN & Memory Problems, Part 2
Sept 2008-- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Sept 2008-- Acoustic Neuromas that Enlarge after Gamma Knife Radiosurgery
Apr 2009--- Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment
Sept 2009-- Bone Anchored Hearing Appliance
Sept 2009-- Poton-Beam Update
Sept 2009-- Neuroplasticity
Apr 2010--- The ANA Patient Survey, 2008: Some Observations
Sept 2010--- Tumor Regrowth
Sept 2010--- Update on Radiosurgery
Sept 2010--- Integrative Medicine
Apr 2011--- New Research on Regrowing Hair Cells
Apr 2011--- Paper by Dr Samuel Selesnick, "The Wait and Scan Approach: A Treatment Choice with Benefits and Risks,"
Oct 2011--- Presentation by Dr.Samuel Selesnick, "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Acoustic Neuroma"
Oct 2011--- Introducing New Ideas in Medicine:Stereotactic Radiosurgery
Mar 2012--- "Incidental Acoustic Neuromas"
Sept 2012--- Tinnitis Treatment & Diagnosis of Acoustic Neuroma
Mar 2013 --- Mini Conference Report, Devices for Single Sided Deafness
June 2013 --- Acoustic Neuroma Today by Dr. Lipani; Critical Decision making - A Look at Shared Decision Making
Oct 2013--- What’s New for Acoustic Neuroma, Treating Tinnitus, Proton Beam
Mar 2014--- Oct 20 meeting, Causes of AN, ANA Patient Survey
Sept 2014 - Genomics and Personalized Medicine, "Watchful Wait" What does it mean
April 2015 - Oct 2014 Mini Conference Summary, Long Term Hearing Preservation, Letter from Wilma
Sept 2015 --- Cochlear Implant Experience, 'Residual Tumor', “The BRAIN Initiative” April 2016--- NIDCD on Cause of Acoustic Neuroma, Tinnitus Research Update, Hearing Rehab Webinar October 2016--- 2016 Mini Conference Report, Observations from the Editor March 2017 --- Cutting the hearing and balance nerve, Getting the diagnosis right Oct 2017---Spring Meeting Summary, Bilateral AN,Synodos for FN2 Apr 2018---Fall Meeting Summary, Acoustic Neuroma Today, Patient Survey

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The ANA/NJ Newsletter may on occasion refer to particular physicians, medical procedures, or commercial products. All such references are informational only and should not be viewed as recommendations or endorsements. ANA/NJ strongly believes that individual treatment is best decided by the informed patient and medical professionals who specialize in acoustic neuromas.

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